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Top Engineering Excellence Award for Waste-to-Energy Project Mid-South Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm with offices in Florence, MS and Memphis, TN, Murphy Engineering, Inc. of Tupelo, MS, and Jenkins Engineering, Inc. of Tupelo, MS.  are the recipients of the top award, the Grand Conceptor Award at the 2013 Engineering Excellence Awards for the American Council of Engineering Companies of Mississippi (ACEC/ MS) for its outstanding Waste-to-Energy project at the Three Rivers Regional Landfill in Pontotoc, MS.  ACEC/MS annually recognizes the year’s most outstanding engineering accomplishments by awarding projects that demonstrate the highest degree of achievement, value, innovation, and integrity.   The award was presented to Mid-South Consulting, Inc., Murphy Engineering, Inc., and Jenkins Engineering, Inc. for the unique landfill gas to energy project.  The project was one of the first landfill gas to energy projects in the State of Mississippi and the only facility in the state that removes siloxanes from the biogas. The project utilizes methane generated from solid waste decomposition within the landfill to fuel a 1.2 Megawatt generator.  The power produced by the generator is sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) through Pontotoc Electric Power Association (PEPA) under a 10 year agreement as part of the TVA’s Green Energy Partnership Program.  Power generated from the facility is capable of providing electricity to approximately 800 residential homes in the community. This project is unique because the design, construction and operation of the facility were not mandated by any federal, state or local regulations nor subsidized by government funds.  These conditions made it absolutely essential that the overall project be financially sustainable and operating in the black throughout the life of the project.  The project generates approximately $1 million/year in revenue, which is more than adequate to pay for principal and interest payments and day-to-day operations and maintenance expenses.  The project also contributes more than $100,000/year to the Closure/Post Closure Fund of the landfill, which assists the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority in keeping user fees and operational costs low for the residents and businesses within the seven county planning area served by the landfill.     “While most landfills look at landfill gas as a burden, the Authority approached landfill gas management as a revenue opportunity.  It is not very often that a green project can be financially sustainable without some type of government subsidy.  This project is a green project that operates in the black.”  says Calvin Abernathy of Mid-South Consulting, Inc.   ACEC Mississippi is a professional trade association representing the business interests of the consulting engineering profession and offers professional knowledge and services to enhance the quality of life for every citizen in Mississippi. 
Grand Conceptor Award Winner: Mid-South Consulting, Inc. Murphy Engineering, Inc. & Jenkins Engineering, Inc., for the Three Rivers Regional Landfill Generator Project. Pictured left to right: Dennis Murphy, Murphy Engineering, Inc., Calvin Abernathy, Mid-South Consulting, Inc., Ronnie Bell, Governmental Functions Director, Three Rivers Planning & Development District, Inc., Dan Reese, Solid Waste Specialist, Three Rivers Planning & Development District, Inc., and Ron Cassada, President, ACEC/MS.
Murphy Engineering, Inc. honored with the 2013 Mississippi ACEC Grand Conceptor Award for its part in the Three Rivers Regional Landfill Generator Project.
Three Rivers Regional Landfill Generator Project Pontotoc, MS This project demonstrates that private and public  groups can work together to make a bold vision a  reality. The result of the partnership between TVA,  PEPA, Three Rivers SWMA  and Mid South Consulting,  Inc. was a successful project that is not only  green , but  operates at a profit and is  GREEN IN THE BLACK . Landfills produce methane gas from the  degradation of solid waste.  While most  landfills consider this gas to be a burden,  Three Rivers SWMA and Mid South  Consulting, Inc.,  used a pro active approach  and considered the undesirable gas to be a  potential revenue source.     This project was one of the first landfills  in Mississippi to capture the landfill gas  and use it to fuel a 1 megawatt  generator.  The green power generated  by the facility will provide electricity to  nearly 800 residential homes in the  community in addition to reducing  greenhouse gas emissions. The project was a  success and the  generator facility is on  pace to generate nearly  $1 million annually  from the sale of  electricity to Tennessee  Valley Authority (TVA)  and Pontotoc Electric  Power Association  (PEPA). Home About Us Services Projects Clients Contact Us Links Government